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"Ask not the Sparrow how the Eagle Soars" Kill la Kill Wallpaper Image eB0G6Jdh.jpg
Watched Summer Wars finally and I have to say it was such a great movie. Very motivational Image FemYHwn.gif
Here’s another random doodle from my Japanese vocab notebook Image dPpOsEq.png
I met anime-dubber Steve Blum while cosplaying as Spike from Cowboy Bebop! Image IqYBzzt.jpg
Focusing Effect [1920x1080] Image HHj1Rclh.jpg
Charger – Retouched + several details. [1920x1080] Image mHvfNZYh.jpg
The Witcher [1920x1080] Image aGyunr7h.jpg
Ayano Tateyama (Mekakucity/Kagerou) [1920x1080] Image cczdRjfh.jpg
Broken Fingaz mural for Urban Spree in Berlin Image VoQrboHh.jpg
Far From Home [Minecraft] [1366x768] Image KhroHXZh.png
Neon Genesis Bigbangelion Image Vo0I5oE.jpg
Started to watch One Piece (casually), and I can’t get it out of my head how much these two look alike. Image QUq0tW1.jpg
A nice picture of a van for your cell phone [640x960] Image ZrsV12l.png
I would [4196 x 1427] Image ZJjvodjh.jpg
Hot Spots Image 3zE4HV8h.jpg
I Drew No Game No Life’s Jibril! Image Srg7dcJ.jpg
Made a Jibril stitch off the new episode (NGNL) Image 5Kw8JLwh.jpg
My kitten really likes my pillow… Image L4mZkWjh.jpg
That booty had me like…. Image OWbVMGWh.jpg
Just some vector geometry :) [1920x1080] Image egsQFzJh.png
Skyfall (2012) [1500x1124] Image MUlOlq4h.jpg
Steins;Gate, Persona, and Akiba’s Trip references in today’s No Game No Life Image p3KzxCE.png
Downloaded Illustrator today. Haven’t used it before. First attempt at Kirito from SAO, work in progress. 10mins in! Image tB3pKSih.png
Shocking truth! (Chaika the Coffin Princess) Image wnbzENv.jpg
~The Zodiac~ Image 7hUquYbh.png
This is my first ever try at photoshop and I decided to make a wallpaper comments and criticisms for a first time user would be grateful ^^. [Guilty… Image NudLx3yh.png
I drew Okabe. Image WOojbQL.jpg
A hastily edited together wallpaper suitable image of an A6M against the rising sun flag [1600x900][OC] Image 2nzUNpoh.jpg