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Day: August 19, 2021


How A Woman-Led Business Can Pave the Way in the Construction Industry

According to NAWIC or the National Association of Women in Constructions, women make up only 9.1% of the construction industry. While we would like to say it is far more welcoming to have more or less 10% women leaders in today's industry compared to 20 or 30 years ago, the reality is that females face the same obstacles as females 20 or 30 years ago faced. It means that females need to think strategically and appropriately at every turn as they navigate their way to success. Here are some tips and tricks women need to learn in this male-dominated construction industry that can strengthen their careers. To know more about the construction business, click here for more info. Do not be afraid to be different No matter what industry they are in, ladies bring qualities to proj...
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What Is a Modular Construction and How Can I Benefit From Buying One?

The materials and supplies shortages of 2020 resulted in increased construction costs of as much as 20%. This has delayed and stopped many construction projects as developers and property owners reconsider their options. For many, the solution could be modular construction. If you haven't heard or considered this type of construction, then you're in luck. This guide will explain what it is and its benefits. What Is a Commercial Construction Project? This type of construction method may also fall under the name subdivided construction. These are modular buildings constructed in individual sections off-site. These modules are then brought from the manufacturing site to the building location. Each piece fits together like a puzzle for a custom design. The result is an afforda...